Reading the tea leaves about what the Denver Broncos want to see before coach Vance Joseph names a starting quarterback has been a popular summer activity for the team's faithful.

Folks have tried to decide how much experience will matter, John Elway Jerseyshow much arm strength will matter, how much practice will matter, Peyton Manning Jerseyshow much the preseason games will matter. There are some who believe it only matters that one quarterback was selected in the first round -- and the Broncos moved up to do it -- and the other was not.

But as the Broncos try to decide if 2016 starter Trevor Siemian or 2016 first-round pick Paxton Lynch should be first string, the team's top football decision-maker, John Elway, Von Miller Jerseyslet the cat out of the bag -- at least a little bit -- after two days of joint practices with the San Francisco 49ers this week.

"We'd like the decision made by itself," Elway said. "We've talked about that decision being made by itself. We want one of them to take the reins and take over; it would be the ideal situation. We're getting through this game and we'll go from there, DeMarcus Ware Jerseyssee what happens."

This is not the first time Elway has hinted at this or even offered it as the key piece. But Thursday afternoon, Elway knew exactly what he was saying. As the second preseason game approaches, Joseph is headed toward a decision and he and Elway are on the same page on this, so anything Elway said publicly this week is no surprise.

Firmware M3 Sakura para M3 DS REAL Actualizado 1.35 V.3 PDF Imprimir E-mail
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Lunes, 13 de Abril de 2009 08:30

Como Siempre despues de la actualizacion del firmware normal (touchpod) para la Tarjeta M3 Real, se actualiza tambien la version M3 Sakura, recordamos que este Menu o firmware incluye las dos opciones en el arranque la normal o con el Menu Sakura.

No aporta ninguna novedad destacable, solo corrige errores de funcionameiento con los ultimos juegos aparecidos en el mercado, activa el soft reset y el RTsaved(guardado en tiempo real) en muchos en los que no funcionaba.

Tienes la version multilenguaje en la seccion descargas.

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Viernes, 10 de Abril de 2009 11:45

Como siempre el M3 Team sigue trabajando y actualizando sus firmwares para la M3 real para ds, a la espera de la M3 real dsi. Esta actualizacion corrige problemas de compatibilidad con las roms 3517,3538,3607.

Soluciona problemas del soft reset con  3515,3516,3533,3543,3545,3547,3554,3566,3574,3577,3579,3580,3585, dicho de otro modo, habilitan el soft reset en estas roms y añaden tambien el RT saved (guardado en tiempo real) a otras tantas roms:  3502,3503,3505,3506,3507,3516,3533,3544,3553,3563,3570,3582,3586

Esta actualizacion ha sido testada por encima de la  roms  3625.

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Lunes, 23 de Marzo de 2009 22:39

Con fecha de 21 de Marzo el M3 team ha lanzado una nueva actualizacion del sistema conocido como M3 sakura (compatible con la M3 ds Real) esta version como las anteriores permite elegir el menu de Arranque ( el M3 Normal o el Sakura) esta incluido el idioma español. Estamos a la espera de que como siempre Nagaroth saque su version especifica en Esapñol. Lo tienes en la seccion descargas M3 sakura.

 se han corregido varios bugs:

  • Corregido el bug que impedía que al pulsar el botón SELECT se mostrase la lista de Programas Recientes.
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  • Trucos instantáneos. Se permite activar la opción de cargar los trucos de forma inmediata al lanzar una ROM en lugar de esperar los 10 segundos tradicionales.
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Jueves, 12 de Marzo de 2009 23:29

Como siempre el m3 team no para de trabajar, y ha sacado una nueva actualizacion del firmware para la M3, es la version E39 o 4.3. Ademas de corregir algun error de funcionameiento, corrige bugs de los correspondiente juegos: (espero traducirlo pronto)

1. Amendments "2324 - Mario Party DS (Korean)" add at soft reset to use the microphone when the question of Game of Death;
2. Amendments "2796-DS of vitamin-rich recipes! Health Food Guide (Korean)" the first use of the microphone when the question of Game of Death;

Última actualización el Jueves, 12 de Marzo de 2009 23:44
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Miércoles, 25 de Febrero de 2009 10:18

Vamos a presentar una pequeña revision del firmware Sakura para la M3 Ds Real es la version oficial 1.34. Pasamos por alto la instalacion en la tarjeta de memoria, copiar la carpeta system a la raiz de la microsd y listo.

Al arrancar este sistema (color rosaceo) por defecto nos sale la pantalla de configuracion, asi como nos testea la memoria.

Aqui puedes ver las opciones de configuracion de inicio, muy sencillas e intuitivas, si desplazas la barra lateral hacia abajo, se desplaza la parte no visible de la pantalla inferior a la superior. Quedaria asi:

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The Washington Redskins did not play well in their preseason opener on Thursday night in Baltimore, with the offense looking particularly bad. Ryan Kerrigan Jerseys It's a good thing that (a) the 23-3 loss to the Ravens doesn't count in the standings and (b) the regular-season opener is a month away. The Redskins will need that month. It wasn't so bad that the Redskins lost, it was the way they looked in doing so.

QB depth chart: Kirk Cousins played the first two series and didn’t do a whole lot, completing 1-of-2 passes for 5 yards. Sean Taylor Jerseys Neither he nor backup Colt McCoy had much time to throw -- both were sacked once and under pressure often. McCoy completed 6-of-13 passes for 40 yards. Neither quarterback led a scoring drive. Third-stringer Nate Sudfeld completed 5-of-12 passes for 68 yards.

When it was starters vs. starters, the Redskins looked ...: Bad. At least on offense. It’s hard to measure the defense considering Baltimore’s starting quarterback, Joe Flacco, didn’t play. But offensively, the Redskins looked inept. DeSean Jackson Jerseys Granted, key starters Jordan Reed, Jamison Crowder and Josh Doctson didn’t play, but that doesn’t excuse the poor execution in all phases of blocking. The Redskins managed 16 total yards in the first quarter.

One reason to be concerned: The run blocking wasn’t good. Jordan Reed Jerseys Nor was the protection. The latter can be cleaned up via scheme and game plan, and perhaps the run blocking can be as well. But it was an area that needed to be improved upon after last season, and on the first 10 carries Thursday, Washington managed just 10 yards. There was little room to cut for the backs, and too often they were hit in the backfield.

That guy could start: Linebacker Zach Brown. It’s still hard to say how the inside linebacker battle will end up, but Brown’s speed jumped out. John Riggins Jerseys He has mostly worked with the second unit, though recently he’s spent more time with the starters -- next to Will Compton or Mason Foster. Brown made plays because of his speed Thursday.